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Enlarged Thyroid Treatment

Treatment for enlarged thyroid

For iodine deficiency-induced enlarged thyroid:

  • Supplement of iodized salt;
  • Intake of more foods which are rich in iodine;
  • Taking thyroid supplements.

Removal of the causes:

  • Stop the intake of goitrogens, such as such as thiouracil and related antithyroid compounds, which produce an enlarged thyroid.
  • If the excessive intake of iodine is a reason, reduce or stop it.


  • Anti-inflammatory drugs for inflammatory goiter;
  • Anti-thyroid drugs;
  • thyroid supplements;
  • Oral L-T4 for the lack of thyroid hormone.

Radioiodine treatment.

Surgical excision:

  • Thyroid surgical resection, for thyroid cancer, tumor, or huge goiter, or if the drug therapies ineffective.

Prevention and treatment for complications:

  • Prevention and treatment of anemia, supplement of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid;
  • Prevention and treatment of thyroid storm;
  • Prevention and treatment of invasive bulging eye;
  • Prevention and treatment for lower extremity edema.

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